The Gosford Rugby Club may, from time to time, appoint any past or present office bearer of the Gosford Rugby Club or member of the Committee and any person who rendered distinguished service to the Gosford Rugby Club to be a Life Member. 

The following have been bestowed with this honour.

Bernie Benson 1980

Gary Holden 1980

Gary Deaves 1981

Warren Taylor 1981 dec.

Chris White 1982

Larry Thomson 1986

Gary White 1989

Kerry Hoffmann 1990

Brian Hardgrave 1995

Mick Marangakis 1995

Tony O'Brien 1998

Steve Cox 2002

Graham Sonter 2002

Anthony Willis 2006

Andrew Ellem 2009

Kate Thomson 2009

Michael Porter 2014

Adam Carlisle 2019