Player Records

2019 Gosford Rugby Club Milestones

Gosford Rugby Club CENTURIONS

The Centurions is a concept “borrowed” from other Rugby Clubs that celebrate long-standing within the playing ranks by forming an informal group of players who have played 100 or more games in First Grade. We changed the idea slightly by including anyone who has played 200 senior club games. 

There are now over 40 players that have reached the mark and obviously the Centurions grow slowly as the years go by. 

Centurions has proved its worth throughout the years by extending the playing careers of several players that may have retired or moved on without the carrot that is C-Day; one day a year with some of your best mates at the rugby. Doesn’t get much better. 

Bennett, Gary

Carlisle, Adam

Cash, Nicholas

Cornwell, Mitch

Cox, Steven

Ellem, Andrew

Fishpool, Steven

Funnell, Steven

Glaves, Daniel

Goodenough, Ben

Gray, Peter

Hardgrave, Brian

Hardgrave, Shannon

Henning, Luke

Hextall, David

Hill, Tim

Jackson, John

Lauti, Simote

Lock, Alastair

Marangakis, Michael

McArdle, Adam

McBride, David

McBride, Brad

McGlynn, Josh

Montgomery, Tim

Montgomery, Damian

Montgomery, Brendan

Moseley, Andrew

Nicholson, Guy

Pace, Joe

Page, Dave

Perkins, John

Perry, Harry

Pike, Hugo

Porter, Brad

Scott, Bede

Shelley, Tim

Sullivan, Grant

Thomson, Larry

Tobin, Sean

Turner, Laurie

Underwood, Sam

Von Kotze, Mark

Von Kotze, David

Walsh, Gareth

Ward, Warwick

Willis, Tony